LibertyLioness Technology
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Take a look at this and tell me what you think. This just could be the start of what we really need.

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rektspec 2 days ago

Looks more or less exactly like what I had proposed previously in my articles. True distributed democratic transactions of money and laws. Because it cannot be controlled, you can bank on the Globalists trying to buy off, or corrupt the people behind the project, unless you make EVERYTHING open source and transparent. And use a good licence to ensure no forks are acceptable.

LibertyLioness BugReports
5 days ago 86 views

Please, please, if I have muted someone tell Votable NOT to send me an email with their comments when they comment on one of my comments or posts. Because I still see their crap anyway.

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LibertyLioness Beautiful Earth
1 day ago 190 views

This is too cool! Love it!

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TangoMike 1 day ago

Sounds like a band.

LibertyLioness 23 hours ago


LibertyLioness 1 day ago

Had no idea they would do this!

LibertyLioness Funny
1 day ago 160 views

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LibertyLioness 1 day ago

I kid you not!

Zoie 15 hours ago

I'll take it! lol

nepherrae 1 day ago

like something from the Flintstones


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