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Mike Adams is offering free patent use to governments that want to produce his formula to protect their peoples. He has the ingredients needed, too, if they want to contract him to make it. It uses natural ingredients, one is seaweeds.

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Michael Tsarion is interesting. (Irishman, if someone wonders about his slight accent.) This is old, back during the Boy Bush reign of terror. He does a good run-down of the genealogy of the parasite class, the lies programmed into us, and so on. The videos run 2 to 3 hours. Great to knit by. ;D

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Kween [lead] 1 day ago

Yes, I remember this one @hearthwench. You knit... I finish up work and have them running in the background. Finish a thought, then check in on #Votable. How are you healing?

hearthwench 1 day ago

I use headphones, the old-fashioned big ones. I detest earbuds. ;D

Healing well. Still major numbness, but the areas affected are starting to "wake up". It feels like energy running, cold chills and tickling all at the same time. Skin is now like a major sunburn instead of a chemical rash/burn. Made more of my "magic" salve today. I was scrapping the bottom of the jar.

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I am a Wife, Mother and Nana. I am conservative. I grow most of our own food (organic and gmo-free)and can it. I also raise chickens on organic feed (soy-free). I cook from scratch, make our own soaps, salves and other personal products. I am a crafter-artist. My main interests are- cooking from scratch, knitting, spinning, sewing (treadle, crank and old electric machines), quilting (mainly by hand), locker-hooking, Russian needle punch, and felting. I am learning tai chi and qigong. My weirder side is I am empathic, do energy work, and a tarotist. I loved making glass beads, but I have not se...
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